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01 December 2018How to Burn and Use Resin Incense

How to Burn and Use Resin Incense

It is easy to learn how to use resin incense safely so that it may be used in the spiritual aspect of your life or just as a unique method of adding a wonderful aroma to your home.  The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have the proper burner or an incense censor. You will want to use a burner that has three legs so that it does not heat the surface that you are sitting it on. You can add sand to the bottom of the burner to about a one inch depth to securely hold the charcoal in place. Light charcoal tablet using a lighter until it starts to glow. Once the charcoal is glowing you will want to set it in the sand you have placed in your burner. You can then use a feather to fan your charcoal until it does not crackle but is still steadily glowing. The feather is the method that is traditional but if needed you can use another object or you can carefully blow on it. When the top of the charcoal tablet is covered in a thin coat of ash it is time to carefully add the resin granules. The resin will start to burn and melt quickly once you have done this and then the scented smoke will begin to waft. Depending on the type of resin you are using the amount of smoke could vary widely. Some charcoal can continue to burn for as long as two hours. So once you are finished you will want to place the charcoal tablet under water using the charcoal tongs until it completely extinguished to avoid any chance of it reigniting and causing a fire. It is quite simple to learn how to use resin incense in your home or office. It can be used for many spiritual and health purposes or just for the wonderfully pure and magnificent fragrance.


27 October 2018Shipping

Starting October 27, 2018, when you order there will not be a charge showing during checkout for shipping on your order.  You will be billed separately for shipping.  After the shipping invoice is paid, we will then ship your product.  This change is due to some confusion during checkout with shipping cost.

We typically ship all orders USPS because we have found this to be the most cost effective way to ship.

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