It’s Your Journey, Huron, OH, is manufacturer and distributor of metaphysical/new age supplies.  We also have a retail shop which gives us a true understanding of what you, as a shop owner, are looking for.  With over 40 years experience in manufacturing, we strive to manufacture superior quality products at prices to ensure profitability for your company.

Our company started in 2009, vending at small metaphysical expos.  In October 2012 we opened our first retail shop in Huron, Ohio.  Our company has grown tremendeously over the past seven years.  Our product lines have grown from two to now having ten product lines that we manufacture ourselves.   

We want to make your purchasing experience as easy as possible.  There are no minimums for ordering from us!  If you're a shop owner and would like to purchase our products, REGISTER HEREThis link will take you to a PDF that must be printed and signed and emailed back to us.  We will then send you the secure login information to begin ordering from our site.  If you have questions, email us at sales@itsyourjourneywholesale.com

Note: Starting October 27, 2018, when you order there will not be a shipping charge showing during checkout for your order.  You will be billed separately for shipping.  After the shipping invoice is paid, we will then ship your product.  This change is due to some confusion during checkout with shipping cost.

We typically ship all orders USPS because we have found this to be the most cost effective way to ship.

We also offer drop shipping to your customers!

When placing an order that is to be drop shipped, please email us with of verification of this.  The packing slip will show that the order is being shipped from your company.

Below are samples of the Products we offer.  To purchase you must register!

Bayberry Votive Candles now Available!


Replace Limiting Beliefs                Automatic Writing                            The Shaman Woman


                        Abundance                     Creativity                     Healing                     Love

                 Manifest A Mriacle            Money                   Peace                    Protection


                                  Angel Candle                                          Fairy Candle

                                  **All of our candles are made from 100% Soy**


Chakra Jar Candle with Stones                                Chakra Balancing Kit      
                                                             Scented Tea Light Candles & Gemstone Mojo Bag  

                                                                     Chakra Tea Lights

                                                  Chakra Tea Light Sets


                         Chakra Votive Candles Scented with Affirmation Card

                 Chakra Votive Candles Scented (6 Pack) with Affirmation Cards

Chime Candles



Our Dowsing Rods are available in two lengths.  They're manufactured using pure copper rod and handles.  They come with a beginning guide booklet and a duck cloth bag for storing them when not in use. 

                Dowsing Rods with Bag and Booklet                            Assorted Gemstone                                                                                                                                                                          Pendulums


                                                         Create Your Own                           Gemstone Earrings                           Lava Bead Chakra
          Pendant Cages                               (Assorted Stones)                                    Bracelets


Our PET CHARMS are made to hold up!  Each stone was chosen for the metaphysical properties it carries.  They are then energized with Reiki energy!



The use of spiritual oils has been around since ancient times, through biblical history and into pagan and non-pagan spiritual paths to this day.  The oils themselves are special blends made from the metaphysical properties of herbs, roots, and folk curious.  These oils carry their own vibration/energy, and can be used in dressing and anointing oneself, with intent.  These spiritual/condition oils may also be used in dressing power objects, mojo bags and spiritual candles.  Each bottle is 1/2 oz.


Our House Blessing/Space Clearing Kit along with our Space Clearing Spray are best sellers.  Our House Blessing Kit comes with everything you need to cleanse your space.  If you have customers just learning how to cleanse their space, then this is the perfect product for them!

Our Space Clearing Spray is widely used in nursing homes, businesses, schools or anywhere where traditional smudging cannot be done.

                 House  Blessing Kit           Space Clearing Spray        Abalone Shell & White Sage
                                                                                                                                                   Travel Kit

                        White Sage                Abalone Shells                           Abalone Shell &
                                                                                                                                           White  Sage 



These Gemstone Mojo Bags sell themselves!  Many times your customers are looking for stones for these intentions.  Make their shopping experience easier with our GEMSTONE MOJO BAGS.  Each bag contain stones that carry the metaphysical properties corresponding to the intention.

 Abundance            Chakra                 Healing                 Love               Protection            Psychic

              Himalayan Salt Products

Himalayan Salt products are a great addition to any store.  Your customers will keep coming back for more, either for themselves or as gifts. 



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